Accessing remote libvirt on a non-standard SSH port via virt-manager

Scenario: you are using a remote host as a virtualization host with libvirt and you want to manage it via ”Virtual machine manager” (virt-manager) over SSH.

But SSH is listening on a non-standard port, and virt-manager does not offer you to connect to a remote libvirt instance on a non-standard port.

Fear not, the option to connect to your libvirt command is just this command away:

virt-manager -c 'qemu+ssh://root@:/system?socket=/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock'

(make sure to have passwordless login to the remote host already setup, for example with SSH keys).

Plus note: you can install virt-manager even on macOS (obviously only remote support) with homebrew-virt-manager

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