My name, as you already have guessed, is Michele Bologna.

How to properly pronounce my name

If you are familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet, my name is pronounced as [miˈkeːle boˈloɲːa]

Check out the correct pronunciation of my name with IPA Reader or using Forvo: my first name and my last name.

Occupation and interests

I am currently working as a software engineering manager.

My main areas of interest revolve around software engineering and software engineering management.

I write software for fun and for a living, and I am a passionate open-source contributor.

I hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering – summa cum laude – from the University of Bergamo. I also spent a year as a visiting researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Computer Science department.

Why this website?

This site contains posts/rants in English or in Italian. The newest posts will be in English, although some exceptions are intentional. Old posts are written in Italian.

This website started as a test in 2007. I was playing around with Apache, PHP, MySQL, and WordPress. I was interested in learning how the pieces fit together and do some experiments. After good feedback from the audience, I decided to continue my experiments by keep writing on this website because:

  • It is a personal and searchable reference. It is a way to document everything I find interesting for my future self. I also think that can be useful for someone else. This is why I am sharing it publicly.
  • It is an informal portfolio: it shows what I am interested in and my thinking process: everything that deserves a post will be published
  • It is a good writing exercise: I strongly believe that communication is key (hence my motto: “Listen to understand, speak to be understood”). By writing on this website I can keep this skill sharpened.
  • It allows me to learn and exercise my technical skills: it is a side project that is constantly evolving. It started with a managed instance of Apache. Now I am terraforming the whole infrastructure in the cloud to deploy this website in a scalable Kubernetes architecture.

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Everything published here is produced by Michele Bologna and licensed under Creative Commons license unless specified otherwise.


Everything written on this website it is not directly related to work. I never post anything directly related to my work, projects, company or suppliers, except if it is public domain.

In other words, everything you will find in this website DO NOT represent my past, present, future employers strategies or opinions. What I post is solely my opinion.