Who are you?

My name, as you already have guessed, is Michele Bologna.

How can you pronounce my name?

If you are familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet, my name is pronounced as [miˈkeːle boˈloɲːa]

Not a fan of IPA? Checkout the correct pronunciation of my name with IPA Reader or using Forvo: my first name and my last name.

What do you do?

My main occupation and interest is software engineering. I write software for fun and for a living. Speaking of which: I also contribute to open source software. Have you seen my GitHub profile?

I hold a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering (summa cum laude) from the University of Bergamo.

I also spent a year as a visiting researcher at the University of California, Los Angeles in the Computer Science department.

Why this website?

This site contains some posts (or rants) written in Italian, while some others in English (most recent ones and more likely all future posts, with some exceptions).

A little bit of history: this site has begun in 2007, as I was playing with Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I was curious to learn how to host and administer a site, how to use (and lately develop) a CMS like WordPress.

After some time, some critic and some encouragements, a lot of comments (!), I decided to continue writing on this site for some reasons:

  • Writing (in my native tongue and moreover in English) is a skill that must be exercised. It is not enough to be a good software engineer if you can not explain yourself in a clear way (hence my motto: “Listen to understand, speak to be understood”). This site is a way to put on the test my ability to write.
  • This site is a way to spread my thoughts and my ideas with people, to demonstrate what I can do and also what I want to do. Have you checked out my LinkedIn profile?
  • It is an occasion to sharpen my skills with web technologies nowadays.
  • This site is a placeholder for everyone who Googles my name.
  • The whole infrastructure behind this site has evolved with me: I started using a managed instance of Apache and right now I am deploying this very website inside a Kubernetes cluster with nginx, MySQL and whatnot!

What kind of posts will be published?

I publish a post whenever:

  • I solve a problem and I want to share my solution with everyone that might incur in the same problem, or when I can illustrate a solution better than the solutions I came across online.
  • Whenever I develop something that solves a recurrent problem
  • When encounter something very interesting and I want to endorse the author. If you want me to see what you have done, contact me and I will have a look at it!

How can you receive new posts updates?

You can either use:

How can you contact me?

Head to the contacts page.


  • Everything published here, where not expressly specified, is produced by Michele Bologna and licensed under Creative Commons license.
  • The postings on this site are my own and DO NOT represent the company I work for or any other past/present/future employer positions, strategies or opinions.