This page lists all the events in which I delivered a public technical talk, ordered by year (descending). If available, links to slide deck and video recording are provided.


  • Mastering EdgeOps: A hands-on tutorial on elemental for Kubernetes-centric edge computing management. At SUSECON in Munich, DE and Webinar.
    Abstract: Edge computing has become an essential component in modern digital transformation, allowing organizations to bring content, data, and processing closer to the applications, devices and users. Managing edge computing infrastructure, however, presents unique challenges such as security, scalability, resource constraints, latency and maintenance. In this hands-on tutorial, we will explore Elemental, a software stack that enables centralized, full cloud-native OS management with Kubernetes. You will learn about the architecture and various components of the Elemental stack, including Elemental Teal, Elemental Operator and the Rancher System Agent, which together offer a cohesive Kubernetes-driven solution for managing edge computing infrastructure. We will guide you through the process of setting up, configuring and deploying an edge computing environment using Elemental. By participating in this tutorial, you will gain practical experience in leveraging Elemental to address common challenges in edge computing management and enable seamless control and deployment of edge infrastructure.


  • Sicurezza e conformità della tua infrastruttura con SUSE Manager. Webinar.


  • Simplifying Kubernetes cluster management with SUSE Manager. At SUSECON, digital.
    Abstract: The majority of Kubernetes users have multiple clusters running. Each one of them is made by regular Linux machines and containers. How can an operator ensure all these Linux hosts and containers are compliant to company standards? Join this session to learn how you can benefit from SUSE Manager managing multiple SUSE CaaS Platform clusters.


  • Preventing Version Sprawl in Containers and Virtual Machines Build and Manage Your Fleet with SUSE Manager. At SUSECON, in Nashville, TN.
    Abstract: Have you ever built a container or a virtual machine to host your application? How do you handle updates, security updates and multiple versions of your container/VM? In this technical tutorial, we are going to illustrate how you can leverage SUSE Manager to easily build and tame your fleet using a single and unique tool powered by an easy to use interface. Not only SUSE Manager can build containers: starting from version 3.2 of SUSE Manager, it can also seamlessly build OS images with the same workflow (by using Kiwi under the hood). But this is just the tip of the iceberg: SUSE Manager also manages your containers and OS images. It can scan them for security vulnerabilities and directly rebuild them with a single click.

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  • Sviluppare velocemente applicazioni sicure con SUSE CaaS Platform e SUSE Manager. At SUSE Expert Days, in Rome, Italy.

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  • Approfondimenti su SUSE Manager e SUSE Container As a Service Platform. At SUSE Expert Days, in Milan and Rome, Italy.


  • Doma i sistemi in tempo reale con SUSE Manager e Salt. At SUSE Expert Days, in Milan and Rome, Italy.


  • Get Your Hands on SUSE Manager: Manage Your Systems VMs and Containers with One Tool. At SUSECONin Prague, Czech Republic.
    Abstract: Did you know that you can you manage your IT and DevOps infrastructure with SUSE Manager? This workshop will allow you to use a real SUSE Manager setup and gain experience on how it can efficiently manage your Linux systems, VMs and containers in your data center or in the cloud. You will get your hands on the basic installation, channel syncing and container management, with a grain of Salt environment. Come and take advantage of this unique opportunity to try things for yourself! We will also be available for deeper dives for those who work quickly and want to know more.