A comparison between browser features on desktop and mobile iOS

I am a long time user of Firefox and Chrome on desktops (GNU/Linux and macOS), while I rely on Chrome on my iOS devices.
Recently there has been some valid critics of Chrome and its privacy choices and I began to look around for an alternative of Chrome.

I identified a list of features that I consider a must-have in the browser I use and I decided to give a try to other browsers as well.

To present the results, I designed this table:

[table id=1 /]

[1] On Opera iOS, even if “Block ads” was enabled, I could still see AdSense ads.
[2] Obviously, Safari is not released for GNU/Linux, hence this limitation.
[3] Via uBlock Origin extension (desktop only).
[4] Via Firefox Focus WebView extension (iOS only).
[5] Via Reader View extension (desktop only).

Considering all my needs expressed in the table, I will be continuing using Firefox on desktops, and I will switch my mobile browser of choice to Firefox.

What are your experiences with browsers on desktop and mobiles? What browser do you use?

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