PSA: future posts will be in English (with some exceptions)

It’s almost 7 years from my first post on this WordPress site. That’s a really, really lot of time.

Today, I am announcing that future posts on this site will be written in English for one, main, big reason: I want to share my thoughts to a wider audience.

Italian is my mother tongue but I feel confident enough to write in English (especially posts related to software, development and tech in general). As you may know, my knowledge of English is pretty much solid (I dare to say it after an abroad experience too!).

So, my fellow readers, don’t be be alarmed: I will continue to personally write the posts that will appear here. And don’t be shy: I’m sure that most of you are tech-savvy enough (and English-savvy, moreover) to be participant as usually.

Not all content will be in English: local and/or some particular content will be in Italian (more on that later). Don’t worry: all published content will remain and will remain untouched, of course in Italian language.

Stay tuned, as it won’t be the only change!

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