PSA: this website now is TLS-enabled

After some thinking, I decided to switch my current domain registrar and hoster: in fact, I stayed for 5 years with for domain registration and hosting. I had a very pleasant experience with them, I will recommend their hosting to everyone (it’s very cheap in the plethora of Italian super-expensive hosters).

Since I recently got a with at DigitalOcean, I thought: “hey, maybe I can host myself!”, and that’s what I have done: my new registrar will be namecheap, and my new hoster will be… me!

Switched registrar, transferred the domain changed DNS to point to DigitalOcean, and that’s where the fun begins: configuring a webserver to serve my website.

Why is that fun? Because I get the chance to decide whichever technologies of the L(A|E)MP stack can I use. In fact:

  • After years of Apache, I switched to nginx (with TLS and spdy HTTP2 enabled)
  • With some reckless considerations beforehand, I decided to switch to PHP7 (instead of 5) with php7.0-fpm
  • MySQL is the database of choice (no changes here)
  • TLS support: encryption everywhere, yay!
  • TLS certificate: obviously, I’d try (Let’s Encrypt)[]

After some headaches (and a little downtime), I finally managed to self-host myself: if you are seeing this, it means that you are automatically redirected to the encrypted version of this site (courtesy of nginx), and that the certificate is trusted (by the chain of Let’s Encrypt).


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